This pair of Osprey has a very quaint home high above the intercoastal waterway in White City, Florida. They make their home using driftwood found floating on the waterway.  With a wing span of five to six feet,  they are able to fly all those big pieces of wood to the top of this giant cypress tree and weave them into place to stay in high winds that blow in from the Gulf. These birds were keeping an eye on this nest which makes me think it might have about three or four eggs they are keeping a close watch on.

From their high perch, they can not only watch their young but also spot dinner in the water. The osprey is the only bird of prey that can completely submerge themselves under water and still be able to fly away with their dinner.  Most other birds of prey can only pluck the fish from the surface as they are flying over the water. The osprey has gripping pads on their curved talons and is able to turn their catch so that the fish is parallel to the birds’ body to make it aerodynamic in flight back to their high nest.  Other names for these birds are fish eagle, fish hawk, river hawk, and sea hawk.


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