Chipola River Tree House
Chipola River Tree House

The many moods of the Chipola River can change from a sleepy little river meandering around the bend to an angry flood rushing to the Gulf of Mexico, trying to take every thing in her path. This tree house has been taken by one of those many floods.  This photo was taken in November 2005.  I don’t know who built the tree house but I’m sure they had a lot of adventures fishing and jumping into the river from this cute house.

I love to sit on her bank as she is flowing softly by. In the clear cold water, you can watch the fish playing tag on the bottom stirring up the sand. As I sit in aw of the beauty of nature around me a motion catches my eye, and I watch a school of trout swimming through the river grass swaying in the current as the Chipola heads toward the Apalachicola River. A river turtle paddles his way slowly across the water looking for that perfect place to sun himself and to dry his shell.

The dragonflies, their colors shimmering in the sun, dart back and forth without a sound, skimming the top of the water, their wings almost touching the surface. God’s beauty abounds.

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