What About Me?

What can I say except I like to take pictures and staring through the view finder has been a big part of my life.   It can be small or large, close up or far away.  While birthdays and baby showers are fun, weddings can be stressful trying to get all the little detail.  I like the challenge of close-up  photography because you can get a really good look at the bug or flower when you enlarge the photo.  Sometimes you get some neat surprises.  Of course, family pictures are important for all those fond memories and photo albums.

I give God credit for my talent and thank him for all the blessings that have come my way.  Without Him, none of this would be possible.  I am a Christian and I do take time out to worship as He has commanded.

I have a loving husband who helps me in my many ventures.  He does appreciate that I like to cook which includes jelly making, bread and canning.  I find that sewing can be quite calming.

Soap making is one of my big adventures.  I like coming up with the different recipes.  I guess my most favorite is the mocha since I like chocolate and coffee and you come out of the shower smelling like mocha.   Coconut oil and shea butter is used a lot because it helps my skin as well as others.  David helps me make my soap by lifting the heavy pot and mixing the lye.